Mythos Academy (series)


After my last post, I needed some popcorn lit.  And Jennifer Estep’s six book Mythos Academy series fits the bill as an easy chick lit romance, with a few supernatural twists.  It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s fun.

Gwen Frost is a 17 year old Gypsy girl with the gift of psychometry, or the ability to know an object’s history just by touching it. Which she likes. She likes being able to find out secrets with or without their owners’ knowledge, but it is not always innocent.  Sometimes the secrets are dark, and lead to tragedy.

After one such incident with her magic, Gwen’s Grandma sends her off to Mythos Academy, a school for the descendants of the ancient warriors races of Spartans, Celts, Valkyries and Amazons, etc.  She doesn’t know why she’s there, it’s not like she fits in, or has friends, or even the potential for friends.

She is an unlikely heroine in a world full of warriors and magic that she doesn’t believe in.  An evil god, Loki, is trying to take over the world, and Gwen is the key to stopping him.  She is not only of ancient warrior blood herself, she is another god’s champion – the best of the best.

The Academy is teeming with different characters; Amazon and Valkyrie mean girls abound, and the boys, who all seem to be gorgeous, roam the halls, ready to fight the Reapers if called upon.

But I do have a few cons about the series.

The series ran too long.  I usually love each and every book in a series that extends my reading pleasure.  The problem I found with Mythos Academy is that the author seemed to lose focus, she didn’t know what to do next.  With every book, she recapped the story, and repeated facts.  It took too long to get to the point.

And REALLY not a big fan of the double standard.  A girl sleeps around, she’s a tramp.  A boy?  He’s hot.  Aren’t we past that yet?

I feel like it has been done, and done better. Hex Hall was good.  Percy Jackson and Harry Potter were there first.  I want to believe when I read a book.  And with this series, I couldn’t.  Even something as simple as Gwen not believing in magic.  She has magic!

That said, the final book wrapped everything up well, leaving no loose ends.  All in all, the series was fun to read.  Take it for what it is, easy, fun escapism, and you will have a good time.  Great for the dock this summer.

The Mythos Academy series is published by Kensington Publishing Corps.


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