Hex Hall (series)


I picked Hex Hall up but expected to put it back down fairly quickly, bored.  Yes, I did judge the first book by its cover.  To me, it looked like standard chick lit YA romance. You know what?  I was right, but SO wrong.

This is a fun series!  It is teen chick lit, but in a great way.  Teenage witches and demons and spells and all the mistakes that you just know are going to go along with it.  Big mistakes.  Picture delinquent supernaturals, all grouped together in one place.  What could go wrong?

16 year old Sophie is in high school, and a witch.  With no training, a mortal mom, Grace, and warlock father whom she never sees, she is a little out of control.  Due to Grace’s lack of magical ability, she can do little more than ask Sophie to behave herself.  That doesn’t work so well.  Although the teen has the best of intentions, a prom night spell goes seriously wrong. Sophie’s erstwhile dad steps in and sentences her to Hecate Hall, which is basically reform school for the supernatural set.

Beautiful dark magic witches, a vampire best friend with hot pink bangs, and a sexy warlock potential boyfriend set the stage for the mysteries that follow.  Throw in a demon summoning, a murder, a magical Project Runway for the prom, and you have all the ingredients needed for a fun story.  And seriously, when Sophie encounters a werewolf and her first instinct is to yell “BAD DOG!”, it is FUNNY.

The story has all the right ingredients to make for an entertaining series. And Rachel Hawkins has a fantastic writing style; loose, relaxed, great characters that are not so so predictable.  Jenna is the perfect BFF, the dark witches are, of course, gorgeous, and make great mean girls when Sophie doesn’t join them,  and the three books flow nicely from one to the other, for a really good time.

I loved the romantic twists, the story of Sophie’s parents adds some good intrigue, and the story wraps up really nicely in the third book, maybe a little too nicely, too easily, but it was still satisfying.

Young teens will devour this book; it might seem to be a bit young for the older ones at first glance, but they will still enjoy it for an easy escape! And just so you know,  I am NOT Team Archer.  No way.  Team Cal, all the way.

The Hex Hall series is published by Hyperion Books.


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