Dragon Seer (series)


Written by Newfoundland author Janet McNaughton,  Dragon Seer and Dragon Seer’s Gift are beautifully crafted stories of magic and mystery.

Dragon Seer takes place more than 1000 years ago on the Orkney Islands, off the north coast of Scotland.  The Picts, a Celtic, Pre-Christian people populate the story.  An ancient standing stone circle sets the stage for the magic that follows.

As the Picts attend their annual Gathering at the Circle, they dance and sing to worship the Sun and the Moon, and await the selection of the next Dragon Seer.  What happens is unexpected: a slave girl is chosen by the dragons.  Madoca’s life changes the moment the dragon alights on her shoulders; she takes on the mantle of leader of her people, and keeper of the ancient magic of the dragons.

Madoca becomes not only the dragons’ protector, but also their student, as they impart the ancient knowledge to her.  She learns that the life her people have known for centuries is changing, however.  Their life and culture is under attack from the Norse, the Vikings, as is the very existence of the dragons.  She must learn more quickly than planned to control her considerable powers in order to help save her beloved charges.

Dragon Seer’s Gift is set in modern day St John’s, Newfoundland, when two young teens discover the world of dragons, hidden for a millennia by their ancient magician ancestor.  Madoca’s last gift to the dragons was to send them to a place where they could not be reached by man, but one is left behind.  Gwyn and Maddie must solve the ancient riddles to help the dragon join her kind.

McNaughton weaves a magical story that is appropriate for all ages.  These are not your average scaly fire-breathing dragons, but are small and ungainly on the ground, then beautiful and graceful when they take to the air.  They speak the language of humans, can be demanding and abrupt, but also loving and caring of their people.

The Dragon Seer series is published by Harper Trophy Canada.


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